Products & Services

Computer System which includes:
- Hardware
- Hardware upgrades
- Hardware maintenance fees
- Ancillary equipment costs (printer ribbons, computer tapes for backup, etc.)

Software which includes:
- Software upgrades
- Software maintenance costs

Form Stock:
- Insurance claim forms (printed to meet carrier standards)
- Patient statements
- Computer paper

Envelopes & Labels to:
- Insurance companies
- Patient statements
- Patient return envelopes for statements

Long Distance Telephone Expense for:
- Follow-up and tracer activity to insurance companies
- Carrier contacts to keep “current” with industry changes
- Electronic “paperless” transmitting

Services for Health Care Billing Specialists of Wausau Inc. serving Central Wisconsin

Electronic Insurance Claims available for:
- WI Physicians Services Medicare
- EDS Federal Corporation for Medical Assistance
- All NEIC Companies

Postage paid for by HBSW for all:
- Paper insurance claims mailed to primary non-electronic
  carriers, any supplemental insurance carriers, and tracer activity.
- Mailings of information, reports, etc., back to the clinic.

Employees' Costs part of HBSW service fee:
- Hourly Wage
- Employer contribution Health/Dental Insurance *
- Employer contribution Pension Plan *
- FICA – Social Security contribution *
- State Unemployment Tax *
- Federal Unemployment Tax *
- Workers' Compensation Insurance Premium *
- Life Insurance Premium *
- Employee Vacation/Paid Holidays *

* Based on current industry CPA guidelines, the total of the above adds 23% MINIMUM
   to employee’s hourly wage.

Additional Employer Benefits:
- Personal State Property Tax
- Staff Turnover/Training/Illness/Vacation Time
- Off-Site Financial Reporting
- Staff Management